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Australia has one of the highest rates of skin cancer in the world. 2 in 3 Australians will have been diagnosed with a skin cancer by the age of 70 years and more than 2,000 people die of skin cancer each year in Australia.

What does a skin check involve? Your initial appointment will be for 30 minutes during which time a full history will be taken including your skin concerns, your lifetime history of sun exposure and sunburn, prior history of skin cancer and other medical problems or medications that may affect your risk of developing skin cancer.

This will be followed by a full skin examination, including close examination of any skin lesions that you are concerned about.

If something suspicious is identified this will be discussed and a management plan can be made together.

Initial management options include a period of close observation or biopsy (shave, punch, excision) and specific treatment options, depending on lesion type include, cryotherapy or laser therapy, excision, curettage and electrodessication, topical or photodynamic therapy.

For those lesions that need excising usually a simple elliptical excision is adequate but for larger lesions and those in anatomically complex areas, particularly on the face a more complex excision with a flap repair or skin graft may be required.

At Clinic 54, given the significant cosmetic focus of our practice, we aim to provide you with the best cosmetic outcome for any treatment that you receive. A particular area of focus of our practice is laser scar management and the use of laser acutely on new scars to minimise the scars visibility.

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